Saturday, March 25, 2017

Willie McGee - 1990

Hand drawn cachet postmarked October 3, 1990 Oakland, Ca. Final game of the season..

On August 29, 1990 the St Louis Cardinals traded Willie McGee to the Oakland Athletics. At the time McGee held the National League batting mark of .335. Although being traded to an American League team, McGee met the qualifications of winning the National League title with 542 plate appearances, he became the first player to wear an American League uniform while winning the National League Batting Championship..

October 3, 1990 in the final game of the season, the Oakland Athletics would end a Championship season losing to the California Angels 11-6. Although McGee did not play in that game, he would assist the Athletics to a 103-59 record for the American League West Championship. McGee would play in 29 games for the A's.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

1981 Baseball Strike

Aug 10 1981 New York, NY - 2nd season

The 1981 Baseball Strike was the first work stoppage to effect Major League Baseball. On Feb 25 the Major League Baseball Players Association board approved a May 29 strike. The issue at hand was free agency compensation.

On May 28 the players and owners met with National Labor Relations Board officials and agreed to put off a strike deadline while negotiations continued with the owners.

June 10, Judge Henry Werker of the US District Court, Rochester, NY rejects the NLRB request and on June 12 the players stage the first mid-season strike. Negotiations continued until July 31 when a tentative agreement was reached between the players and owners.

The players stayed off the field until August 9, when play resumed with the All-Star game played in Cleveland.

Actual games were resumed on Aug 10. Each team had played between 102 to 110 games and games were not made up to even out the schedule. Playoffs were held with the winner of each half season facing each other in the first playoff round.

On Aug 10 the New York Yankees would defeat the Texas Rangers at Yankee Stadium to open the second half of their season.

The Yankees would win the first half of their season, but finish 4th in the second half, giving them a playoff position. Their overall record was 59-48. The Texas Rangers would finish their first half in 2nd and their second half in 3rd with an overall record of 57-48.

The LA Dodgers would go on to defeat the NY Yankees in the World Series 4 - 2.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lou Gehrig - 1989 ALS

dual postmarks with the BFSC Waterford-Halfmoon Elementary School postmark and the Lou Gehrig official USPS first day postmark

Ben Franklin Stamp Club of Waterford-Halfmoon Elementary School, Waterford NY, 11th Anniversary cover affixed with an overprint for the fight against ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease. The covers were first Day of Issue cancelled by the club advisor Tom Hanely, in  the lobby of the Cooperstown, NY post office on June 10.

The overprinted Lou Gehrig stamp was conceived by the BFSC in order to raise funds for the fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which indelibly became linked to the great Iron Man of baseball.

The covers were sold for $3.00. A full sheet of overprinted stamps were sold for $16.50

Lou Gehrig - 1989

Cooperstown, NY offered a special commemorative postmark for the 50th Anniversary of the Hall of Fame, which opened it's doors on June 12, 1939.
Robinson Stamps unofficial first day cover

Rockford `89 show covers honoring Lou Gehrig. The first has the unofficial first day Cooperstown anniversary postmark, the second has the Lou Gehrig show commemorative postmark.

Lou Gehrig - 1989

June 10, 1989 Cooperstown, NY
The US Postal Service honors "The Iron Horse" Lou Gehrig who played 2,130 consecutive games for the New York Yankees. The stamp was designed by illustrator Bart Forbes.

Artcraft cachet
Postal  Commemorative Society - Artcraft cachet
Robinson Stamps linoprint cachet
signed by Hippolito Pena and Scott Bradley

2 designs from Robert Patlen

Monday, March 13, 2017

Olympic Baseball - 1992

USPS Commemorative Panel

Although played as a demonstration sport in seven previous Olympics, the 1992 Summer Games held in Barcelona were the first time Baseball was played as an official sport.

The stamp design shows a play at the plate, which was selected from an international contest conducted by the postal administrations of Brazil, Cyprus, France, Greece, Kenya, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand and the United Staes. The winning design comes from Anthony DeLuz of Boston, Ma.

Issued April 3, 1992 Atlanta Ga, site of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. The team competing in Barcelona were: Cuba 7-0 (Gold Medal), Taiwan 5-2 (Silver Medal), Japan 5-2 (Bronze Medal), United States 5-2, Puerto Rico 2-5, Dominican Republic 2-5, Italy 1-6, Spain 1-6.
Elten Schiller cachet (marked EFS Olympic on reverse)

Robinson Stamps linoprint cachet

Bob Patlen cachet (3 different designs)

BSA-8 (written on reverse #/318)

Artmaster cachet

Fleetwood cachet

Postal Commemorative Society (Artcraft)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hiram Bithorn

Hiram Bithorn was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After playing some minor league and winter ball in Puerto Rico, he was signed by the Chicago Cubs. Bighorn pitched his first game for the Cubs April 15, 1942, becoming the first major league ballplayer from Puerto Rico.

A commemorative postmark was available on March 18, 2016 on the 100th anniversary of his birth. The postmark was sponsored by SABR (the Society for American Baseball Research) and was available from the San Juan post office.

The Hiram Bithorn Stadium is named in his honor.