Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mighty Casey - 1996

Casey is the hero f a baseball ballad, written in 1888 Ernest Lawrence Thayer. With two outs and bases loaded, the team is sure powerhouse Casey can get a hit and win the day. Casey steps put to the plate, crowd roaring. But then "...there is no joy in Mudville - Might Casey has struck out."
The stamp was designed by Dave LaFleur. and was issued as part of a 4-series set honoring American Folk Heroes Paul Bunyan, John Henry and Pecos Bill. The series was issued July 11, 1996 Anaheim, Ca



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Tc - Mega Event show cancel unofficial postmark

unknown cachet

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Monday, April 24, 2017

San Diego Padres

April 15, 1985
San Diego Padres home opener against the San Francisco Giants.
The Padres defeat the Giants, with home runs from Terry Kennedy, Carmelo Martinez. RBIs - Carmelo Martinez 5, Terry Kennedy 2 and Steve Garvey 1.
Giants received a 3-RBI game from Dan Gladden
Eric Show picked up the win and Atlee Hammaker the loss

April 11, 1986
San Diego Padres take an 11-inning victory over the Cincinnati Reds at home.
Padres received home runs from Kevin McRwynolds an RBIs from McReynbolds 2, Jerry Royster and Tim Flannery 1 each.
The Reds had home runs from Dave Parker and Bo Diaz, each getting 2 RBIs
Tim Stoddard picked up the win and Ted Power the loss

April 13, 1987
Padres corner card (7.5x4)
signed by Manager Larry Bowa

April 13, 1987
8x5 card courtesy of Elten Schiller
The padres opened at home against the San Francisco Giants.
The Giants would win 13-6, powered by home runs from Jeffrey Leonard, Will Clark, Bob Melvin and Robby Thompson
The Padres runs came from home runs from Marvell Wynne, Tony Gwynn and John Kruk,
Jim Gott earned the win for the Giants, while Dave Dravekcy takes the loss

April 12, 1988
San Diego Padres opened at home against the Los Angeles Dodgers with a 5-3 victory
The Padres received a home run by John Kruk and RBIs from Kruk (4) and Benito Santiago (1)
Dodgers runs came from RBIs by Kirk Gibson, Mike Scioscia and Mike Marshall
Andy Hawkins picked up the win and Don Sutton the loss

April 9, 1992
San Diego Padres opened against the Los Angeles Dodgers, as the Dodgers take the win 6-3
Dodgers runs came from home runs by Brett Butler, Eric Garros and Mike Scioscia and RBIs from Scioscia (2), Eric Garros (2), Todd Benzinger (10 and Brett Butler (1)
The Padres had home runs from Fred McGriff and Tony Fernandez. RBIs Fernandez, McGriff and Darrin Jackson
Tom Candiotti gets the win and Craig Lefferts the loss

April 4, 1994
Padres host the Atlanta Braves, as the Braves take the 4-1 victory
Braves runs come off a Deion Sanders and Ryan Klesko home run. RBIs Sanders, Klesko and Javy Lopes 1 each
Padres single run comes off a wild pitch by Greg McMichael allowing Derek Bell to score
Greg Maddux earns the win and Andy Benes the loss

April 7, 1988
Padres open at home against the Cincinnati Reds with a 3-2 victory
Padres runs came off a home run by Carlos hernandez who had 2 RBI. Greg Vaughn had 1 RBI.
The Reds scoring came from RBIs from Eduardo Perez and Reggie Sanders
Trevor Hoffman takes the win and Jeff Shaw the loss

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Professional Baseball Centennial - 1969

1979 - the largest counterfeit first day cover operation fell apart, leading to the arrest and conviction of its creator, Jerry P Mather, under the name Gary P Westemberger,  of Redondo Beach, Ca. The counterfeit covers were offered under the names Fiesta or La Fiesta, sold out of Los Angeles mailing addresses. The operation  involved more than 350 different cachet designs  starting with covers dated 1956 until 1979.

Mather started his operation around 1977, and was able to continue, because the cost of the covers was far less expensive than the cost of expertizing them to ensure they were legitimate. In the collecting marketplace the cachet became more important than the postmark, therefore many collectors did not focus or mind the counterfeit postmark.  Although these covers are considered counterfeit, they still claim a price around $20.00, and many can be found signed by the player honored on the cachet, bringing up the value..

The operation started because Mather could not keep up with the demand for the 1977 State Flags set. To keep customers happy and maintain a never ending supply of first day covers, he created the first day postmark rubber stamp and continued to postmark his own covers.

Any covers produced by Mather prior to 1970 are counterfeit. After that some of the covers produced for specific stamp issues may be genuine.

Inspectors crack counterfeit scheme... James H Burns, Linn's Stamp News Feb 25, 1980
Story May Just be Starting for Phony First Day Covers, Joe Brocket Linn's Stamp News Jan 19, 1981
Mather Fake First Day Covers, Joe Brocket, Linn's Stamp News June 1, 1981
Mather Story Confusing, Joe Brocket, Linn's Stamp News Dec 14, 1981

Professional Baseball Centennial - 1969

C. Stephen Anderson


Jackson with overseas Mailer


Kolor Kover

also exists with date 1869-1939

David C - rubber stamp cachet

Shea Stadium postcard

Professional Baseball Centennial - 1969

USPS First Day Ceremony Program

Professional Baseball Centennial - 1969

Sep 24, 1969 Cincinnati, Oh

The US Postal Service issued a 6c commemorative stamp to honor the 100th anniversary of professional baseball. The stamp was designed by Alex Ross of Ridgefield, Ct

The stamp was issued in Cincinnati to honor the Cincinnati Red Stockings as the first team to openly employ players. The Cincinnati Red Stockings were established in 1866 and became the first openly all-professional team by 1869. This team would dissolve and move to Boston in 1871. A new team using the name Cincinnati Red Stockings would join the National League in 1876. A third Cincinnati team would form in 1881, playing in the American Association in 1882. This team would move to the National League in 1889 and shorten their name to the Cincinnati Reds.

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